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Firestorm Armada

Firestorm Armada
(from Spartan Games) This game is our second major product release, and follows the same ethos with which we designed The Uncharted Seas, both are games that are easy to learn and give a fast paced game. We are big fans of naval games whether they are on the ocean or in deep space, so it was a logical progression to ask our sculptors here at Spartan Games to work on some futuristic ship designs.

Firestorm Armada launched on November 23rd with four fleets in place: Terrans, Dindrenzi, Aquans and Sorylian. All four fleets also had Carrier upgrade ships available for them and in our 96 page core rule book we detailed two more races - The Directorate and The Relthoza. Over time we will roll out more upgrade ships, including such things as Escorts, Heavy Cruisers, Leviathans, Gunships and so on.

This initial fleet offering gives us the invading forces of the Dindrenzi, an aggressive empire of humans whose fleets have invaded the planetary systems of their human cousins, the Terrans. Fortunately for the Terrans, they are able to call on the support of their allies, the Aquans and the Sorylian. The borders of their empires converge in a stellar region known as Fathoms Reach which bears the brunt of the Dindrenzi invasion.

This group of defending planets is collectively known as the Alliance of Kurak, and the primary focus of the initial assault by the Dindrenzi takes place in and around the planetary systems of Fathoms Reach. This is known by military forces in a more evocative way: The Storm Zone.

Our intention is to add more ship designs to the starter fleets to give them more breadth and flexibility, and create new fleets in the future. We will widen the scope of Firestorm Armada over time and develop an ongoing campaign environment for games set within the The Storm Zone.

Aquan PrimeDindrenzi FederationSorylian Collective
Terran AllianceThe DirectorateThe Relthoza
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Firestorm Armada Marauder Privateer Corvette
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Firestorm Armada Marauder Buccaneer Gunship
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