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Firestorm Armada Civilian Vessels Pack

Firestorm Armada Civilian Vessels Pack
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Firestorm Armada Civilian Vessels Pack

Description: Gas Mining Vessel (1) The crew of a Nostradamus are used to long terms of duty in the far reaches of space, harvesting gases in the nose mounted scoops of the mining ship. Built by the Sigma Corporation, this is one tough ship. They generally stay off of the main space lanes to limit the risks of attack by pirates, but when they find themselves in the midst of a battle they can be a danger to friend and foe alike.

Long Range Cargo Freighter (2) The Mantis class is one of the most common Keltec ship designs. Companies use hundreds of these vessels to bulk ship materials, and it has become very popular with colonists, as the freight boxes that the Mantis carries make convenient short term habitations until a fully functional colony can be built. The ship itself is durable, having been built to withstand high levels of radiation and micro-meteor strikes.

Luxury Liner (2) The Aries class is one of a series of liners built by Orion Enterprises and is the pride of its fleet. It has beautifully furnished staterooms and parlours, holographic suites, pools, health spas and even a small concert hall. Its weaponry is minimal and is hidden behind panels in the fuselage to maintain the sleek design of the vessel. This weaponry is used primarily to divert or destroy asteroids and sometimes to deter piracy.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.

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