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Firestorm Armada Dindrenzi Federation Heavy Cruiser

Firestorm Armada Dindrenzi Federation Heavy Cruiser
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Product Description

Firestorm Armada Dindrenzi Federation Heavy Cruiser

The Victory Class Heavy Cruiser is a step toward improving the tactical options (particularly flexible weapon arcs) available to Dindrenzi commanders. It has a substantial increase in the firepower of its Gun Rack, which in combination with the trademark Dindrenzi railgun makes a squadron of Dindrenzi Heavy Cruisers a dangerous foe to encounter. The Victory also has improved torpedoes and point defence, which when combined with a decent payload of mines makes it an excellent all round combat vessel. Most importantly, the Victory is tough; it has a very strong superstructure and is able to take a lot of damage before it is destroyed.

All models come with clear acrylic flight stands.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.

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