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Firestorm Armada The Relthoza Heavy Cruiser

Firestorm Armada The Relthoza Heavy Cruiser
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Firestorm Armada The Relthoza Heavy Cruiser

The Scarab Class Heavy Cruiser is tougher overall than the Swarm class and, like the Dindrenzi and Directorate heavy cruisers, can take a lot more damage than cruisers of the alliance. It has superior point defence batteries and a comparably large complement of marines, deterring the enemy from attempting a boarding assault and making the Scarab Class into a significant boarding threat. Its broadsides are more powerful and, importantly, its forward weaponry is improved over that of the Swarm Class, making the Scarab a real brawler of a cruiser.

All models come with clear acrylic flight stands.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.

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