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Monsterpocalypse CMG: Big in Japan Unit Booster (1 Pack)

Monsterpocalypse CMG: Big in Japan Unit Booster (1 Pack)
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Unleash powerful new monsters, muster your units and smash your way through the Tokyo skyline! Choose from the Elemental Champions, Empire of the Apes, Subterran Uprising, Savage Swarm, Tritons, and UberCorp International, and stomp the sushi out of the other kaiju. Big in Japan introduces famous buildings from the Tokyo skyline and two new unit types. Take control of powerful character units and bolster your agenda with neutral units as you rampage your way to victory. With high-quality, pre-painted plastic figures, Monsterpocalypse: Big in Japan will power up your game! Monsterpocalypse Series 5: Big In Japan lives up to its larger-than-life name as the largest set of Monsterpocalypse ever released and features: 12 monsters, 3 limited landmark buildings, 5 standard buildings, 6 all-new character units, 8 rare units, 7 uncommon units, and 12 common units.

NOTE: Due to the increased set size, players should note that purchasing a single case will no longer provide a complete set.

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