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Hordes: Trollblood Warpack

Hordes: Trollblood Warpack
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Trolls are known for their ferocity in melee and this battle box delivers! The albino sorcerer chief Madrak Ironhide is well protected by his tribal relics that he can wade into battle personally, charging alongside his trolls to deliver a beating to his foes. Madrak relies less on his spells than his huge axe—capable of being hurled far across the battlefield. And since you asked, yes, it’s magical and returns to his grasp, still soaked in the blood of his foes. Once augmented with the mystic power of Trollbood fury, there is little in HORDES or WARMACHINE that can withstand him.

Each Warpack contains a playable army with quickstart rules, balanced for play against any other Hordes Warpack.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and unassembled.

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