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Hordes: Circle Orboros Warpack

Hordes: Circle Orboros Warpack
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Surrounded by her pack of Argus and Warpwolf, warlock Kaya the Wildborne is a potent spell-caster whose magic revolves around the life essence of her beasts. Armed with her staff, she is a skilled fighter but lacks the heavy punch like Trollkin warlocks or her Circle peers. In commanding beasts however, she is unparalleled. Nothing matches the thrill of a pair of Argus on the hunt, unless itís your Warpwolf striking in and out the mists. Kaya and her warbeasts strike as a packógaining in ferocity as they hound their prey. The Argusí doppler bark is as potent as its two-headed bite, able to slow and stun foes, leaving them to be ripped to shreds by the stalking Warpwolf. This warpack is your first choice when building a Circle Orboros army. Expand your options by adding new warbeasts, warlocks, or troops releasing in the months following.

Each Warpack contains a playable army with quickstart rules, balanced for play against any other Hordes Warpack.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and unassembled.

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