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Hordes: Skorne Warpack

Hordes: Skorne Warpack
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Lord Tormentor Morghoul is a master among Skorne torturers, the dreaded Paingivers. Cruel and dangerous at close range with his pair of lethal steel claws, Morghoul can tear though an army to strike at the warlock with brutal efficiency. Flanked by two mighty Cyclops and backed up by a truly massive Titan, this Skorne warlock manipulates his warbeasts with abusive spells to goad them into lethal killing machines with no regard for personal well being. The Cyclops are faster than trolls and nearly as strong, and with their future sight ability can be used with surgical precision by a keen player. The size of a heavy warjack, the elephantine Skorne Titan is the power hitter for the Skorne. Heavily armored, the Titan is a match for a Dire Troll and just as unpleasant. Use your heavy hitting warbeasts to rip a hole in your enemy’s ranks and send Morghoul in to finish off the enemy warlock with a blur of steel.

Each Warpack contains a playable army with quickstart rules, balanced for play against any other Hordes Warpack.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and unassembled.

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