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Hordes Skorne: Rhinodon Boxed Set

Hordes Skorne: Rhinodon Boxed Set
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Product Description

The formidable rhinodon rivals the titan in size with massive plates of natural armor covering its hide. Boasting tremendous natural weaponry, a rhinodon will demolish buildings, crash through obstacles, and slay anything in its path when unleashed. The Army of the Western Reaches finds these powerful beasts difficult to control but perfect for their offensive into the west.

The Skorne Rhinodon comes one per box (PIP 74023). A player may field an unlimited number of Rhinodons in his army.

You can read more about the Rhinodon in the HORDES: Evolution expansion for the award winning game of Monstrous Miniatures Combat.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.

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