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Hordes Minion: Professor Viktor Pendrake Blister Pack

Hordes Minion: Professor Viktor Pendrake Blister Pack
Item# PIP75014
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Product Description

Professor Viktor Pendrake has become a legend in his own time. He has passed down the wisdom of years in the wild by heading up the Department of Extraordinary Zoology in Corvis but recent events have pulled him from the halls of academia. After surviving enslavement by the Skorne he returned to the west to rejoin old friends and aid his allies in their struggles for survival.

Professor Viktor Pendrake comes in a blister (PIP 75014). A player may field one Professor Viktor Pendrake in his army or horde. Professor Viktor Pendrake is a Cygnar model that may be included in mercenary contracts that include mercenaries that will work for Cygnar. Professor Viktor Pendrake will work for Circle Orboros and Trollbloods.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.

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