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Hordes: 2010 Summer Rampage League Kit

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Product Description

Summer Rampage bursts back onto the scene in August 2010 evolved and rearmed for Mk II. A three-week campaign, Summer Rampage 2010 pits the factions of WARMACHINE and HORDES against one another in game stores around the globe. Bringing back the brutal finishing moves and feat-like rampages, this league event will let players prove just who is dominant on the tabletop! Summer Rampage 2010 will run August 16–September 5.

The Summer Rampage 2010 core kit contains 3 unique award medals; a Summer Rampage 2010 stamp for tracking player achievements in their battle journals; and 8 scorecards. Venues will need to be registered on to be able to log their event results and participate in the worldwide campaign. More information will be available in No Quarter Magazine #31.

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