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Munchkin: +6 Bag O' Munchkin Babes

Munchkin: +6 Bag O' Munchkin Babes
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Product Description

Official Munchkin Plastic Bag!

Extra bonus - free Munchkins!

These six female Munchkin pawns are scheduled to appear in a 2010 Munchkin Quest supplement . . . but if you want them early, here they are! There is one in each of the six official Munchkin Quest colors. The obvious thing to do would be to throw them into your Munchkin Quest box, and use the correct pawn for whatever sex the character happens to be at that moment. But if a munchkin is truly evil - and his friends let him get away with it - he’ll show the world just what a munchkin he really is by using the Munchkin Babes in other games.

The included rules offer suggestions for using the pawns in Munchkin, chess, and other roll-and-move games. And the fans are creating their own rules on the Steve Jackson Games forums.

Description: Six plastic female Munchkin Quest pawns, in six different colors, polybagged with a punched header card.

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