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Munchkin: Munchkin Kill-O-Meter

Munchkin: Munchkin Kill-O-Meter
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Product Description

Munchkin fans love it when the cards start flying!

The best combats are the ones where potions, monster enhancers, and other bonuses keep the effective levels bouncing up and down! But it can be hard to keep track. Now you'll never have to stop and recount again!

With the Munchkin Kill-O-Meter, whenever a card hits the table, you turn the dials to keep track of your new total. Fiendishly simple. You can use it with both Munchkin and Munchkin Quest.

The whole table can share one Kill-O-Meter, but it comes with two special bonus cards (one for Munchkin and one for Munchkin Quest) - so true munchkins will all want their own! Since the dials can be read from either side, we put munchkins on one side and monsters on the other. (And would you believe that making it two-sided let us REDUCE the cost? Printers are funny!)

Description: One two-sided combat counter.

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