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Munchkin T-Shirts: Super Munchkin Momentous Unmasking (L)

Munchkin T-Shirts: Super Munchkin Momentous Unmasking (L)
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Product Description

Every hero needs a costume!

This high-quality four-color shirt depicts the highly collectible and completely non-existent "Origin Issue" of Super Munchkin.

It gives a special in-game benefit . . . the wearer can avoid Traps!

* Bath towel tied around your neck is optional.

Official Tournament Rules

* If you are wearing an official Munchkin shirt*, you may draw one extra card from either deck when you start play or when you come back from the dead. * If you are wearing the Momentous Unmasking shirt under another item of clothing, you may once per game dramatically reveal it when you encounter a Trap. You escape the Trap on a roll of 1-4. If you are wearing glasses, and dramatically remove them as well, you automatically escape the Trap! * Either Steve Jackson's or John Kovalic's autograph on the shirt lets you attempt to escape from two different traps. With both autographs, you may try three times! * Wearing two or more Munchkin shirts does NOT give you both bonuses. The one on the outside rules. * Use of the Cheat! card overrides Rule 4 and lets you benefit from two different shirts. (It doesn't matter which one is outside.) * But under no circumstance is there any bonus for MORE than two shirts at once.

It is NOT an official tournament rule, but if you wish to make a house rule that a "Lose Your Armor" card requires you to remove your shirt(s), we cannot stop you.

*On your torso. Right side out.

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