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Bolt Action "World of Tanks" Event Saturday January 27th, 2018

Bolt Action "World of Tanks" Event Saturday January 27th, 2018
World of Tanks event summary

Saturday January 27th 2018

Start time: 10am

All in One Collectibles, Randolph NJ

-Players will divided into 2 teams and each player will control 1 tank model.

-Mission will be scored by kill points and by controlling capture points marked on the battlefield.

-A player can score points for their team by destroying enemy tanks and by remaining within 3” of an objective marker at the end of each game turn. The game will end after 12 turns or when one team achieves a total of 30 kills on their opponents.

-Players can spawn in as any light tank or armored car at the beginning of the game, when a player’s vehicle is destroyed they can respawn in their team’s deployment zone at the beginning of their team’s turn.

-As players accumulate kills on enemy forces they are able to spend these kill points on several rewards. These rewards can stack if a player can accumulate the required number of kill points without being destroyed.

Spawn as larger tank unit:

Players can spend their kill points to spawn in as a heaver/superior vehicle. This heavier vehicle can upgrade to the following vehicle types at the costs listed below:

Spawn as medium tank -3 KP / Spawn as heavy tank -5 KP

Players may bring as many tanks as they would like to the event to form a “stockpile” of available tanks for the group to upgrade to. Players may choose to field their own light tank or armored car as their initial vehicle. When a player upgrades their tank they may choose any tank, equaling the value of their achieved KP, from the available collective stockpile.

Alternatively players can spend their kill points on various abilities that enhance their tank

“Every 3 KP, instead of choosing a larger tank, players may pick a new skill from the list provided and in the manner described by the Tank War rulebook on pages 28-29.”

kill points are spent at the beginning of that player’s team turn. Tank enhancements take effect immediately and are equipped to the tank model the player is currently spawned in as. When a player chooses to upgrade to a heavier vehicle, they can spawn as the new vehicle the next time they are destroyed or move their current vehicle to one of their team’s spawn points to change vehicles. Enhanced and Upgraded vehicles are lost upon destruction, a player will spawn in as their basic light tank or armored car after being killed while controlling an enhanced vehicle.

The Maus Attack

Starting on the 3rd game turn, the maus superheavy tank will spawn in from a random board edge under GM’s control. This vehicle will be controlled by the GM and will activate after both teams have taken a turn. The maus will target both teams indiscriminately.

The maus tank will have the following exception to the main rulebook: even though the maus’ two anti tank guns are coaxial, it may fire both in the same turn.

When a player is successfully able to destroy the maus tank, they will have the option to spawn as the maus tank during their next spawn. The maus tank will continue to be passed on to players like this for the remainder of the game, the exception to this will be if a player decides not to spawn as the maus, in this case the maus will return to GM control.

The Killswitch

This is to insure that players do not become stuck/immobilized and unable to take part in the battle in a meaningful way. If a player’s tank becomes immobilized, during their turn they may choose to sabotage their vehicle, destroying it and respawning on their next player turn. Taking this option awards the opposing team 1 point and a killpoint for the player that scored the immobilizing hit.

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