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EPIC Trading Card Game Tournament Information

EPIC Trading Card Game Tournament Information
We can host the following types of Epic TCG Events:

Epic Sealed Pack Tournament Events: (Sealed Pack 3 Format) 3 packs for $10.00 entry fee.

Build a deck (30 card minimum) from your entry fee packs.

You may use any of the cards in your packs to build your deck and sideboard. There is no maximum deck size and no restriction to the number of copies of a card you may play. Any cards not in your deck nor sideboard are set aside and may not be used.

Epic Draft Tournament Events: (Draft 3 Format) 3 packs for $10.00 entry fee.

In a draft, players sit around the table in a circle. Each player has the same number of booster packs. All players open their first pack at the same time, look through all the cards in the pack and choose one to keep. The other 14 cards are shuffled and passed to the player to their left. Each player then looks through the cards passed to them, chooses one to keep and passes the remaining 13 cards to the player to their left. This process continues until all the cards in the first set of packs have been chosen. Each player then opens their second pack and repeats the process, but cards are now passed to the right. Continue until all packs have been used, switching the direction cards are passed with each pack. Once all the cards have been drafted, players build their decks and sideboards using the same rules as sealed pack.

Epic Events: Casual Play - 2 packs for $7.00 entry fee.

Buy 2 packs from the store to sign up, then hang out and play some Epic. You can use your 2 packs as a deck or bring a deck from home. Play anyone you like in any way you like (2 player, multiplayer, sealed pack, designed deck, whatever).

Epic Designed Deck Tournament Events: $3.00 entry fee.

Bring your deck of at least 60 cards ready to play! Remember: maximum of 3 of any card, no more than 18 total free cards and 9 total gift cards in your deck. See pages 35-37 of the Epic Rulebook for details.

Please contact us if you would like to run an Epic Event.

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