Event Overview

Event Overview
The No Man’s Land OP series continues Wizkids aggressive Storyline program and features ALL NEW, ALL UNIQUE content based upon the celebrated DC Comics’ No Man’s Land story arc.

The program is built around the story of the struggle to restore Gotham City to order after a devastating earthquake. Batman and the Gotham City Police Department (GCPD) are reduced to guerilla and gang tactics as they strive to restore order to Gotham City, all the while gangs led by the Joker, Black Mask, and others are looking to carve up Gotham City into “fiefdoms” that they rule with an iron fist.

In Month One, players will receive their Utility Belt Resource Dial and the first of many accessories to enhance and customize their Utility Belt with.

Each month thereafter, players will be awarded participation prizes in the form of more Utility Belt Accessories (think of all those wonderful toys Batman has!). Each Accessory can be played one of two ways; it can be used as a 3D special object in the game or you can use at as part of your Utility Belt resource dial by attaching it to the Utility Belt (which unlocks even more abilities!).

And just like their prior Storyline event, each month will also offer a different exclusive Limited Edition figure as a competitive prize!

Also layered into the No Man’s Land OP series is “Tagging”. Included in the No Man’s Land Month One kit is a laminated map of Gotham City with six sections identified as “No Man’s Land” territories (Click thumbnail image to view). Each month players will assume the role of a “gang member” and fight for supremacy in that month’s specified territory. The winning Gang of each event at our store will then “tag” that month’s territory with their chosen gang’s symbol (See image above).

Declaring your gang will be part of the No Man’s Land OP series, and by doing so you will contribute to a global effort by your gang to control the most territory in Gotham City by the end of Month 6. WizKids Games will be tracking the global progress of each gang on a large-scale version of the Gotham City maps which will be in all participating stores! Watch as your chosen gang crushes the opposition each month!

Better yet, the gang that controls the most territory at the end of Month 6 in our store will be awarded a special prize at the end of the No Man’s Land OP series.
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