Month 4 - The Gardener and Time Gem

Month 4 - The Gardener and Time Gem
Heroclix Infinity Gauntlet Month 4 Event April 14th 2012

Start Time - 1 pm

Your Gauntlet is now empowered by both the Soul and Power Gems, and while your quest continues for the remaining four Gems, the tranquility of the Garden is a most welcome sight. However, it is not mere coincidence that you find yourselves here; it is rumored that the legendary Gardner, keeper of the Time Gem resides here as well! Will you add the Time Gem to your Gauntlet, or will you instead be added to the Garden’s collection of statuary, frozen in time forever?

The April 2012 kit includes: The Gardner LE Figure (4) and Time Gem (participation prize – 20).

*Format for the month 4 event - 400pt Two booster sealed event

*The Time Gem 3D Objects are Participation Prizes to be awarded upon completion of the event

*The Gardener LE Figures are to be awarded to First, Second, and Fellowship players

*The “The Garden” map will be used in the Month Four event.

Entry Fee - $24
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