Month 5 - Runner and Space Gem

Month 5 - Runner and Space Gem
Heroclix Infinity Gauntlet Month 5 Event May 12th 2012

Start Time - 1 pm

You’ve escaped becoming a permanent addition to the Gardner’s statuary, and now your Gauntlet is half-empowered with the Soul, Power, and Time Gems! Now you’ve discovered that the Runner has challenged any and all to a race across space itself! Can you survive long enough to acquire the Space Gem and defeat the Runner at his own game?

The May 2012 kit includes: The Runner LE Figure (4) and Space Gem (participation prize – 20), as well as 10 Double-sided Maps (Space Racetrack and Collector’s Ship) for use in Infinity Gauntlet Month Five and Six events.

*Format for the Month Five Event - 700 Points Golden Age. 400 Points(Minimum) must be from either Galactic Guardians and/or Hulk

*The Space Gem 3D Objects are Participation Prizes to be awarded upon completion of the event.

*The Runner LE Figures are to be awarded to First, Second, and Fellowship players.

*The "Space Racetrack” map will be used in the Month Five event.

Entry fee - $10
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