Month 7 - The Grand Master and Mind Gem

Month 7 - The Grand Master and Mind Gem
Heroclix Infinity Gauntlet Month 7 Event July 14th 2012

Start Time - 1pm

Only one obstacle stands in your path to ultimate power; the Grandmaster has challenged your force to a contest to be fought on none other than the Mental Plane! With your quest so close to completion, there are fewer stakes higher than this! Can you outwit the Grandmaster and defeat him at his own game, or will you instead be outplayed yourself?

The July 2012 Kit includes: The Grandmaster LE Figure (4) and Mind Gem (participation prize – 20), as well as 10 Double-sided Maps (Mental Plane and Shrine to Death) for use in Infinity Gauntlet Month Seven and Eight events.

*Format for the Month Seven - 300 Point Sealed

*The Mind Gem 3D Objects are Participation Prizes to be awarded upon completion of the event.

*The Grand Master LE Figures are to be awarded to First, Second, and Fellowship players.

*The “Mental Plane” map will be used in the Month Seven event.

Entry fee - $24
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