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Narrative Warhammer 40k "Planetfall" Event Saturday June 2nd 12pm-8pm

<b><font color=purple> Narrative Warhammer 40k "Planetfall" Event Saturday June 2nd 12pm-8pm</font></b>
We're running another Narrative 40k event at All In One Collectibles on Saturday, 6/2! Brought to you by Ulf Jagenteufel. Start time will be 12 noon. 3 rounds of linked Narrative Play 40k scenarios.

This upcoming event is called "Planetfall" and will build on the events of last week's "A Shot in the Dark" event.

$10 entry fee - (100% payback in store credit)

There will be prize support at this event. 100% of the entry fees will be given back as store credit. Split 50/50 between the Hobby Champ and the Event Champ.

Hobby Champ will be determined as follows: each participant will have the chance to submit one model from the force that they're playing at the event, for Hobby and paint judging. Whoever is selected as having the best model will be the hobby champ.

The event champ will be the participant with the best score and the highest number of event points after 3 Rounds.

The same person cannot win both of those. Hobby champ will be chosen first in between rounds. And the event champ will be announced at the conclusion of the event.

Before anyone asks, yes, this means that if the same person wins for Hobby and painting and then also winds up with the best result, then they will win hobby champ but not event champ.

Since this is a narrative and fun driven event, yes we are putting more emphasis on the painting prize than on the winning of points event prize

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