Pokemon Boundaries Crossed Pre-Release Sunday November 11th

<b><font color=blue>Pokemon Boundaries Crossed Pre-Release Sunday November 11th</font></b>
Pokemon Boundaries Crossed Pre-Release

Entry Fee - $30 - Cash only

Registration starts at 11 A.M. and ends 11:30 A.M. (Registration is on-site only / There is no pre registration)

Promo item and card are first come, first serve while supplies last. Build a 40 card deck with 6 booster packs and borrowed basic energies. After 3 rounds return your borrowed energies and receive 2 more booster packs. Please bring damage counters, etc. and something that you can identify to put your cards in (my lost and found is growing by leaps and bounds.)

A Booster Draft will be run at each location provided that I have enough product on hand. (We are limited on our order amount.) This will be held after the main event is over. Registration for this will be held during the main event. Cost for the Booster Draft is $20.00 cash only. Draft with 5 packs of Dragons Exalted with 1 pack/player in the prize pool.
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