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1999 Pokemon Shadowless Charizard Card

1999 Pokemon Shadowless Charizard Card
Tuesday is here, and so is another hidden gem from the shop for this week's #TuesdayTreasures!

This trading card of all trading cards came into our store as part of a larger collection. Almost every 90s kid had a binder full of Pokemon cards, but they'll probably go wide-eyed if you mention this one. It's difficult to think of a Pokemon card that's more commonly coveted than a holographic Charizardit's the most sought-after original card out there. But there is something about this particular holographic Charizard card that makes it especially collectible. This is a base set unlimited card, so it's not a first edition, but it's still rare because it's shadowless, which makes it a very early and limited print. You can tell by taking a close look at the holographic image's right-side border. Shadowless Pokemon cards have no visible right-side border shadow. They were the first run of cards after the initial release, and because the designers decided to add that shadow to later printings, "shadowless" cards are older, rarer, and much more valuable than your typical base set unlimited card. It doesn't hurt that Charizard is still a fan favorite, popular throughout the franchise, whether you're a longtime competitive battler or a newcomer hooked on their new mobile games.

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