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Warhammer 40K "Kill Team" Campaign Events Tuesday Nights at 6:30pm

Warhammer 40K "Kill Team" Campaign Events Tuesday Nights at 6:30pm
Kill Team Modified Campaign Rules – 8/14/18 by Patrick Goepfert

Hello folks reading this. I’m deeply interested in running a Kill Team Campaign but parts of the “As Written” format do not quite inspire the true RPG elements of old skirmish games like Mordheim, an itch I’ve been trying to scratch again for a decade. With that in mind I present to you my current modifications on the campaign system, tweaked from the rules found in the Kill Team 2018 Rulebook. If you have any questions, concerns or corrections feel free to reach out to me at any time.

All rules modifications that follow are currently in a Beta state, any changes made (due to unforeseen consequences/interactions/power level) will be made aware to all players participating in the campaign and a new updated rules packet will be presented.

Campaign Rules Most of these rules can be found in the Kill Team 2018 Rulebook. Any exceptions or modifications will be noted here.

The War Effort – Unlike in the written rules, resources have no real weight in matters. These rules presented are a way of adding more depth to the resource system.

At the start of the campaign each player will assign a number (5-8, no duplicates) to each resource. Mission results and certain Specialty levelups will further modify these numbers throughout the campaign. When a play reaches 0 in a given resource they can no longer increase that score for the duration of the campaign. A player with a 0 in a resource score is a Guerilla Faction, as described later.

At the start of each battle (Before any other step), all players will compare their resource scores. If a player has a higher score than all other players they may receive a single bonus during that mission. Players may only receive one such bonus each mission even if they have the highest score in multiple resources. If two players are tied for the highest, no player may choose that bonus during this mission.

Intelligence: A player who chooses this bonus gains +1 to their initiative rolls for this battle. Materiel: A player who chooses this bonus gains a single bonus CP at the start of the battle. Morale: A player who chooses this bonus may re-roll their break tests (This does not affect other leadership or nerve tests, only the test to see if your team is broken at the start of the Morale phase). Territory: A player who chooses this bonus gains +1 to decide who will pick the mission for this battle.

Victory – We will be following the written rules for victory. If all other players except one becomes a guerilla faction at the end of any mission that player is the winner. If all non-guerilla factions become guerillas at the end of the same mission a tie breaker will be announced.

Choosing a Mission – Players will start each battle, after comparing resource scores and selecting bonuses, by choosing the mission. Players will roll off against each other; the highest roller gets to decide which mission is played. A player can choose from any mission available to them that has been published for kill team (This includes any missions found in the rulebook, Killzone products or other expansions). If a mission has an Attacker and Defender, the player with the highest Territory resource is the defender. If two players are tied roll off.

If a player who wins the mission roll off chooses they may instead select randomly by rolling 2D6 and following the table below:

2-3 Disrupt Supplies 4-5 Ambush 6 Feint 7 Assassinate 8 Take Prisoners 9-10 Recover Intelligence 11-12 Terror Tactics

Choosing a Kill Team – Follow the rules listed on page 203 of the Kill Team 2018 Rulebook. Campaign Command Roster – Players will maintain a Command Roster throughout the campaign, as well as Datacards for each model listed on their roster. Your initial Roster may consist of up to 12 models and must contain at least one leader. You may add members to your command roster after your first match, but if you do those models must be used in the next mission. Adding models to your roster happens before you start your next battle and must be recorded on your command roster before any other steps are taken. If a model belongs to a Fire team you must follow the Fire Team rules listed below.

Fire Teams – Unlike in the Rulebook you may have multiple fire teams from a single dataslate. A Fire Team is any non-specialist model from a single dataslate assigned to that fire team. You must designate clearly on your roster and datacard which Fire Team each model belongs to, it is recommended to name your Fire Teams to add a bit of flavor. When adding new models to your roster, if they do not have a Specialty you need to decide if they are going to be a part of an existing fire team, or start a new one.

If a model is added to an existing Fire Team you must bring one experienced member of that Fire Team for each new member you wish to add in the next mission. The new members are considered to be “Rookies” for this mission and count as level 0, but if they survive the mission will gain all the experience and benefits of the existing Fire Team.

If you wish to start a new Fire Team you may add any number of models from the same dataslate to that Fire Team at the time of its creation. They will all start at 0 experience and level up together going forward in the campaign, following all normal rules.

Consequences of Battle – Players will follow the same sequence of events at the end of each battle. First each player should update their resource totals according to the mission rules and any skills from Specialists that took part in that battle. Then each player should roll casualties in front of their opponent and record the results. Finally each player should tally their experience in front of their opponent and if necessary, roll on the appropriate level up chart.

Casualties – After the mission scores have been tallied players should roll a D6 for each model of theirs with a flesh wound. On a 1-4 that model recovers, on a 5 or 6 treat that model as being taken out of action for the Casualty roll. Each player then makes a Casualty roll for each model taken out of action this battle. Roll 2D6 and refer to the table below:

2 Dead: Remove this model from your combat roster and erase its datacard. This model is no longer a part of your team. 3 Convalescence: This model cannot be used in your next mission. After that mission treat this model as normal. 4-10 Full Recovery: This model makes a full recovery and can be used as normal. 11-12 Hard Knocks: This model makes a full recovery as described above, and if it is a specialist gains an additional experience point for this mission.

Experience – For this campaign Specialists and Fire Teams will use modified amounts for their experience trackers.

Specialists – Each specialist in your kill team gains an experience point after each mission. Each specialist also gains an experience point each battle that you use a tactic from their specialty, and if they caused a model to be taken out of action. A specialist gains a level when it gains the following amounts of experience, roll on the Specialist chart in front of your opponent and record the changes. Specialists roll on the level up chart at 2, 4, 6, 8, 11, 14, 17, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, 41, 46, 51, 57,63,69,76, 83, 90 experience points. When using the Specialist Tactics, count the number of skills that model has earned to determine its level (So a specialist who has reached three level ups but only rolled one new skill would be considered a level 2 of that specialty).

Specialist Level Up Chart Roll 2D6 when this model achieves enough experience to gain a level. 2-5 New Skill – Select a skill available to this specialist. 6 Roll a D6 – 1-3 = +1 Strength; 4-6 = +1 Attack 7 Choose either - +1 WS or +1 BS 8 Roll a D6 – 1-3 = +1” Movement; 4-6 = +1 Leadership 9 Roll a D6 – 1-3 = +1 Wound; 4-6 = +1 Toughness 10-12 New Skill – Select a skill available to this specialist.

Specialists may only select skills if the skill above it has already been chosen. For example: 1 If a model wants to select skill number 7 they would need to first select 3. All specialists / \ start with the first skill. If a model chose skills 1, 3, and 7 and now wanted to go for 4 2 3 they would need to select 2 and then when they got their next upgrade they could /\ /\ choose 4 or 5. If a model collects all 7 skills and rolls a new skill again they may now 4 5 6 7 select a second Specialty. A model may not have the same second or third specialty as any other models second and third specialties, respectively. So you could have a Sniper, and a Comms/Sniper, but not a Heavy/Sniper and Comms/Sniper on the same kill team. A Specialist can only receive certain upgrades up to the following maximums: Movement – 12” WS/BS – 1+ (A model will still fail any unmodified roll of 1 to hit) Strength – 8 Toughness – 6 Wounds – 4 Attacks – 6 Leadership – 11 If a model rolls a result that would exceed this maximum simply reroll until a suitable result appears.

Leader Specialty – It is important to note that in this campaign a leader gains the following: +1 Leadership, wound and attack. That model costs an additional 4 points.

Fire Teams – A fire team gains a single experience if two or more members joined a battle and any survive. Fire teams also gain one experience if any models in the fire team cause an enemy to go out of action. If a Fire Team gains the following totals of experience that team rolls on the Fire Team level up chart. Fire Teams gain a level at 2,5,9, and 14 experience.

If a Fire Team gains enough experience to gain a level roll a D6 and check the results below: 1 +1” Movement 2 +1 WS or BS 3 +1 Strength 4 +1 Attack 5 +1 Leadership 6 Lad’s Got Talent – Choose a model from this Fire Team and write it a new datacard with any specialty. That model is now a specialist with 0 experience (But maintains all upgrades earned in the Fire Team).

Fire Teams may never receive the same upgrade more than once. Reroll any duplicate results. Crack Troops! - As models gain experience the cost of fielding those troops increases. Add 1 point to the cost of any model for each time it has rolled on its level up chart. Specialists who started as Fire Teams should note how many upgrades they earned before their new datacard. Guerilla Factions – When a player loses all points in a single resource they become a Guerilla Faction. This team participates in missions as normal but suffers some restrictions, and gain a slight bonus. Guerilla Factions may no longer recruit Fire Teams, and can no longer gain resources (They may still recruit new specialists, as only the most cunning foes can find their way to the guerilla camps). Guerilla factions gain twice as much experience as normal to compensate for the hard knocks they find themselves in.

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