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Warhammer 40k Saint Valentine's Day Massacre MEGA BATTLE February 18th, 2018

<b><font color=green>Warhammer 40k Saint Valentine's Day Massacre MEGA BATTLE February 18th, 2018</font></b>
Warhammer 40k Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre Mega Battle on February 18th at All In One Collectibles.

There will be two teams - an attacking team and a defending team each with their own unique advantages.

Each player will be allowed to bring up to two detachments. The points values for each individual players force will be determined by turnout:

3-4 players per side 3000 points per player.

4-5 players per side 2500 points per player.

6-7 players per side 2000 points per player.

8+ players per side 1500 points per player.

Each team will have a Supreme Commander who will assist their team in coordinating the efforts of their team as well as keeping track of points.

The attacking team will be lead by North Jersey Wargamers own Chris “Madman” Masucci.

The defending team will be lead by North Jersey Wargamers John “Hopper” Hopper.

Each Supreme commander will have no models, but will have a reserve of Command Points which they can use for stratagems and to give additional Command Points to their generals.

The defending team will have a terrain advantage as well as the luxury of having one objective in their deployment zone and having all objectives 6” closer to their battle line. The defending team will be able to hold half of their super heavies in reserve to come onto the table on turn 1.

The attacking team will automatically have the first turn. Wow, that’s pretty good.

Each player will be issued a cup. As each player completes objectives they will have their cup filled with the awful Valentine’s Day candy hearts that nobody wants. Prizes will be awarded based upon the number of hearts each player has in their cup at the end of the game. Each objective grants the following number of hearts:

Eliminate an enemy unit: 2

Deal at least 10 wounds to enemy models in a turn: 1

Deal 1 or more wounds to model with T8 or higher: 1

Eliminate a unit other than a Troops unit: 1

At the end of your turn you have models on the table: 1

End your turn with one or more models in the enemy deployment zone: 1

At the start of turn 2-5 have at least one model within 3” of an objective: 2

Complete at least one successful charge against an enemy unit: 1

Destroy at least one enemy unit in the fight phase: 2

In addition Supreme commanders can issue up to five additional bonus hearts per turn at their discretion.

Registration starts 10am (Players can pre register for the event by contacting us on Facebook or at the store directly)

Event starts 11am

Entry fee $15

100% of entry fee as prizes in store credit

FREE pizza for all players

Contact us:

All In One Collectibles

540 Rt 10 West

Randolph, NJ. 07869