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Warhammer 40K Theater Of War Narrative Event Sunday 8/12 at 11am

Warhammer 40K Theater Of War Narrative Event Sunday 8/12 at 11am
'Theater of War' Narrative Warhammer 40,000 League!Theater of War is a narrative play league for Warhammer 40K. Players will compete in games of 40K, across various planets and warzones, each with their own unique Theater of War rules & missions.

Play as many games as you like! Play at the Power Level you like, or follow the guidelines suggested in the Theater of War documents. There will be narrative links between missions, but players are also welcome to play casual games.

Painted armies will enhance the player experience and award bonus points, helping you advance in the standings, but are not required. Armies must be WYSIWYG, and played as such.Players will earn League points, and there will be rewards for challenging up the ladder, taking on those players who have a higher standing.

Details will be provided in the League Pack, coming soon.

Entry fee for League play will be $10 per League Day, but this will immediately be refunded in the form of store credit.

Come out and enjoy some casual & fun Narrative Play Warhammer 40,000!

Registration 11am-12pm

Start time 12pm, but please feel free to show up anytime to game!

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