EPIC Trading Card Game

EPIC Trading Card Game
The gods do battle while the fate of the world hangs in the balance! Use mighty champions, powerful objects and devastating events to crush all who would oppose you.

Epic is a trading card game by Robert Dougherty with development by Darwin Kastle.

In Epic there are no cumbersome "resource" or "land" cards. Instead, each turn every player has a single action. The most powerful cards cost an action to play, others are free. This simple system allows for incredibly fun and interactive play right out of the pack. Just shuffle any two packs together to make a 30 card deck and you're ready to play!

Stop by on a Friday Night or a Saturday afternoon to give it a try. Sample demo decks are available for new players to try out a game or two at no cost.

You can even print out three different demo decks and the quick start rules by clicking the links below.
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